The FX2 24-Bit Dual Engine Stereo Effects processor is the answer to the endless requests from customers wanting a great sounding, super easy-to-use professional effects unit. The FX2 makes getting the sound you are looking for a breeze by using real knobs, instead of complicated interfaces that make you scroll though endless patches searching for a good sound. With the FX2, you just dial up the effect type (Reverb, Echo, Chorus, Flange), do a quick tweak of the parameter knobs to adjust time, decay, depth, etc., and you are up and running with awesome 24-Bit effects that rival even the high priced industry standards. The FX2 is just what you’d expect from CarvinGreat sound, easy to use and the best value!

  • Dual Stereo Enginesfor two independent stereo effects
  • Built-in Power Supply – no "wall-wart"
  • True Stereo In/Out – keeps signal in stereo for series connections
  • Link Switch – Links Effects 1 & 2 for parallel operation
  • Foot Switch Jack – easy on/off operation with optional FS22


  • Freq. Response: 20 to 20k Hz
  • THD: 0.05%
  • Processing: 24-Bit
  • Effects: 256 per processor
  • Parameters: Regeneration, Time, Decay, Depth, Speed, Damping, Reverb Level
  • Dynamic Range: 105dB
  • Connectors: 1/4"
  • Construction: All steel
  • Power Supply: internal auto-switch 90VAC260VAC detachable power cord, 50-60Hz
  • Size 1U: 1 3/4" H x 5" D x 19" W
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Made in San Diego, California